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Iron Foeniks is a personal development brand that offers creative and motivational workshops to help individuals take control of their own happiness and success. My mission is deeply rooted in the belief that prioritizing wellbeing is the cornerstone of a fulfilling life. Through a combination of interactive activities, visual tools and individual reflection, my workshops offer the opportunity to explore and develop strategies for enhancing productivity, mindset, confidence, self-awareness and resilience.



Elizabeth Eksteen is a South African based writer and leader of motivational workshops. She started writing poetry and short stories at seven years old and penned the first version of her debut novel at age fourteen. For two years in a row she won first place in local writer’s contests for short stories and poetry. Her other passions include yoga and holistic wellness. She is dedicated to empowering others to pursue their goals and unlock their potential.

Debut Novel: Behind the Mask

Jane Stewart is not your average teenager. She’s always felt like an outsider, never quite fitting in with her peers. But when strange events start happening around her, she has to choose: staying in her comfort zone or connecting with others like herself. With her newfound powers and abilities, Jane finds herself drawn into a world of mystery and darkness, with no choice than to navigate the dangers of the unknown.

  The new community into which she is flung fulfils needs she has never fully recognised – but it requires abandoning almost everything, and everyone, she’s loved. Jane is forced to acknowledge appetites she had once condemned, and welcome a darkness that had once frightened her.

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